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    I went to a bar last night and they were having like a deathrock/goth night and played lots of old Ministry and Sisters of Mercy and Cocteau twins and some of them were dancing and I never seen such things in real life before and I talked for two hours to this super cool persyn and it was p nice n different

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    Good news, the fucker got fired, i can keep my job, me and the owner of the place are going to try to push harder for this guy to pay the consequences from the law. Feeling much better and safer now ~

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    Tw: sexual harassment/assualt

    When I begin to feel okay, you creep into my mind. You’ve taken the bit of peace of mind I’ve had about living on my own in a big city. Today I have been constantly looking to see if I saw a silver car, and when I did I felt triggered and scared. When I rode my bike by that place I rode it across the street, feeling scared shitless. I honestly fear for my life rn. I barely know you and idk what you are capable of.

    Basically my boss/manager at the place I work(ed) pressured me to show him the pictures I have on my phone, which included private ones of myself. He then tried to bribe me with more work hours and money to not tell anyone, told me I was making a big deal out of nothing, and that it was my fault because I gave him my phone. I feel so disgusted, paranoid, anxious, and depressed.

    fuck you for putting me in this position, I really needed that job to pay bills and continue school. I fucking hate you so much. I just want to go back home now.

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    Today was better, i ate ramen for the first time (at a shop) and found a thrift store and comic book store nearby.
    I feel v conflicted and paranoid still. I feel like I should do a call out post to warn people about a potentially v dangerous person. Idk if I should/can at the moment. After I file a report and complaint; I’ll see..

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